4 Simple Ways of Improving Workplace Morale

We’ve all been through it – a difficult working environment due to colleagues, deadlines, things generally not going right – all contributing factors to stress. This in turn can affect the morale in a workplace. Arguments can occur, the quality of work can suffer, and it can just generally cause a bad atmosphere. If you are a member of senior management and are having problems finding ways of solving these issues, then look no further. Not only will the following tips help you improve morale in the workplace, but they won’t break the bank.

Have open communication channels

No one likes being kept in the dark, especially when it’s their livelihood at stake. Make it clear to employees that if they have any grievances, concerns, or even suggestions to improve the workplace, that the company has its doors open and is willing to listen and take these into consideration.

Also, remember it is a two-way street; if there are any issues that the company needs to address, it is important that the employees are made aware so they can be given the chance to rectify it. Otherwise, they employees may feel a sense of helplessness if they are unable to have an impact on the situation.

Invest in improving the business

This may be for training courses for employees and management or even improving office technology such as meeting management software. Whatever it is, it is important to continuously be aiming to improve all aspects of the business. If it is common knowledge that the business is doing well financially, but the employees are not seeing any improvements on their side, this could quickly be damaging to morale. Remember, they are the lifeblood of your organisation so investing in them is an investment in the business.

Be decisive

A business owner must be seen as decisive, but decisions must be also calculated. Making rash decisions on a whim would be even more negative than making a calculated decision that doesn’t work out. Always educate yourself on the pros and cons before making a decision, and whatever the outcome, learn from it so you know where you went right or wrong for next time.

Employees like to feel like they are being guided well by management, and it is not only results that show this. If something does go wrong, it is important that everyone has a post-mortem to determine why and to see what improvements can be made in the future.

Create an incentive program

Rewarding employees for reaching and exceeding personal and organisational targets is a great way of improving morale, if done well. In some cases it may not be advisable to replace fixed salaries for commission-based payments, but it is often a morale-booster when used as a supplement. Listen to what your employees value and create a program that could cater to these. Would they like to continue studying or learn new skills? Or would they like team rewards? Find out and create a program offering these to act as an incentive.