How To Stay Stylish In The Worst Weather

Winter women

Just because you are caught up in a downpour on the way to work, or enduring extreme winds during a hike, doesn’t mean that you can’t remain stylish while doing so! There is a common misconception that truly effective and practical clothing come at the expense of style, but I am here to put these to bed. There are an abundance of clothing lines that have successfully managed to merge style and performance – some while even keeping the price down – and we will look into ways to still look very much presentable, regardless of the weather you encounter.


Invest in a well-fitting, high quality raincoat

Believe me, you don’t want to find out at the wrong time that your so called “waterproof” raincoat is no longer waterproof. Finding the right raincoat for men or women can be a chore, but on the bright side, this is because there is an increasing selection available.

Brands such as Rains have created awesome raincoats in classic silhouettes and colors, without neglecting the purpose of the coat – which is to keep you dry. Luckily for you, these high-quality, stylish coats are available for a price normally associated with brands that skimp on the quality.

Like all garments, always remember to maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Too often people dump their raincoats wet, without being hung or washed accordingly. Rain water can be acidic, which in the long term, can speed up the deterioration of the material.


Wear clothing made from appropriate material for the weather

Are you seriously wondering why you are feeling wet after braving torrential rain? While wool may be water resistant, it is certainly not waterproof. You may still look presentable after a light shower, but after getting soaked in heavy rain, not only will your coat look worse for wear, but it will also be significantly heavier. You will almost certainly look and feel uncomfortable. Think about choosing a fully waterproof jacket and shoes if faced with wet weather or a thick, insulated jacket for the coldest days.

Preparation is key – if you are anticipating light rain, pack a breathable raincoat, and likewise heavier rain should see you choosing to go with a waterproof jacket from the get-go.


Invest in nanotechnology

Available in many outdoor stores are water-repellant sprays that use nanotechnology to create a barrier to water, and can be applied on a variety of items. If you are reluctant to spend on a new wardrobe preparing you for the worst weather, consider protecting your current belongings with such a spray. Sneakers that may have previously fallen victim to rain, could, after a few applications, become effectively water-resistant thanks to nano sprays. Just be sure to regularly re-apply this to maintain its effectiveness. This is a simple way to maintaining your clothing in pristine condition regardless of the weather.