Popular Gifts for Women – 2019

Are you struggling to think of a gift for a loved one this year? Whether it is her birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas present or you just feel like treating her, make sure you give her something she’ll enjoy. Here is a list of some popular gifts for women this year.

A leather laptop bag

It’s one thing carrying your laptop around safely, but it’s another thing to be able to do it in style. Give here a sleek leather laptop bag this year for a gift she’ll truly make the most of. Not only will it look and feel great, but leather ages well and will look better and more unique over time.

Luxury lipstick

If there is one bit of makeup pretty much every woman owns, it’s lipstick. Treat her to some high quality lipstick that not only looks great, but also feels amazing and lasts long. Think of the impact simple red lipstick can have on an appearance and you’ll understand why this is such a popular cosmetic product!

A raincoat

For the days when she’s not so lucky with the weather, gift her a high quality, fashionable raincoat such as those available from Rains. Their sleek, simple but effective designs mean they are a welcome addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Raincoats for women are in fashion this year and a good quality one will easily last you a few years.

Wireless headphones

It’s safe to say wired headphones will soon be a thing of the past the way technology is heading now. All the biggest mobile phone manufacturers are getting in on the act and producing their own wireless headphones to great success. Giving her the gift of no more tangled wires in stylish headphones and she’ll certainly be a happy lady!

Cabin suitcase

If the lady travels a lot for work or leisure, give here high quality, lightweight carry-on suitcase. As we all know size and weight are at a premium when taking flights, and no one wants to be lugging around a heavy, bulky suitcase. Get her a chic suitcase to help fulfil her travel needs.

Scented candles

Elevate her home by giving her scented candles that can be used to provide a relaxing scent during a bath, or just generally around the house. Not only will it trigger your senses around the home, but it can also make for some nice decoration, and may be one of the first impressions a guest will have.

A leather cardholder

Because sometimes carrying around a large purse isn’t convenient, right? Just like the leather laptop bag, expect this to last a very long time and look and feel better with age. She’ll never lose track of her essential cards again.